Our Business ( Medium-term Management Plan )

3-year Medium-term Management Plan

Focal Points of the 3-year Medium-term Management Plan

The 3 focal points of the Medium-term Management Plan are described below. By ensuring its implementation, we will achieve our planned results for these 3 years, and aim for even further growth.

(1) In parallel with executing medium- to long-term business strategies, concentrate on the short-term recovery of business results

  • Strengthening of distribution infrastructure in the pachinko and pachislot business platform
  • Restoration of profitability to each IP project

(2) Restructure business value chain based on core "planning and production capabilities"

  • Customer orientation/ reaction to change/ information capability/ partnership/ planning capability/ persistent business development
  • Organizational improvement of production capabilities pursuing product ideals

(3) Evolve the [IP × Business Platform] business model

  • Thorough approach from both "IP" perspective and "business platform" perspective
  • Generation of revenue through the expansion and deepening of [IP × Business Platform]