Medium-term Management Plan

Restructuring of Business Value Chain

Restructuring of Business Value Chain

FIELDS’ Business Value Chain and Focal Points

As shown in Figure 1, FIELDS’ business value chain is comprised of 10 processes, starting with “future research.” We are aware that the recent stagnation in our business results has been caused by dysfunctions arising from some of our processes. We will reconstruct our business value chain in order to promote the Medium-term Management Plan and achieve sustainable growth, focusing on the 4 points (A)-(D) described below.

(Figure 1) FIELDS’ Business Value Chain and 4-Focal Points
Figure: FIELDS’ Business Value Chain and 4-Focal Points

4-Focal Points for Restructuring of Business Value Chain

(A) Close contact with market/customers in all processes

We will strive to fully understand the market and our customers, and thoroughly apply this in all processes.

(B) Organizational efforts aimed at reinforcing planning capability

Among the 10 processes, we will focus on the core process of “planning,” and we will refine our “IP planning” in conjunction with “IP procurement.” We will promote organizational efforts aimed at designing plans which match market trends and customer needs, based on “future research” and “market and customer analysis.”

(C) Organizational improvement of production capabilities pursuing product ideals

To achieve commercialization based on these refined “plans,” we need to organizational improvement of “production capabilities” that can drive process consistency in “IP procurement,” “organized,” “development and commercialization,” “marketing and promotion,” and “sales.”

(D) Further strengthening of partnerships

In each process described in (B) and (C), from “planning” through to “production,” we will enhance our relationship with experts and powerful partners. Through the injection of a range of creative and other external expertise, we aim to enhance the quality of each process.

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