Basic CSR Policy

The mission of FIELDS is to provide "The Greatest Leisure for All People" as in its corporate philosophy. All officers and employees are conscious that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is corporate activity itself, and with a view to ongoing social and business development, the Company meets is social obligations to a variety of stakeholders based on this fundamental activity policy.

CSR Promotion System

At FIELDS, by striving to fulfill our corporate philosophy, we are united in undertaking our daily business activities to help bring about a richer society.
In terms of our system for promoting CSR, we have built a structure in which the position of the Executive in Charge of CSR is established directly under the Board of Directors, and management decisions made based on FIELDS’ basic policy on CSR are spread to business and staff divisions. In collaboration with our Group Companies, we will continue to promote social contribution through our business activities throughout the FIELDS CORPORATION Group.

Figure: CSR Promotion System


The FIELDS CORPORATION Group established the ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION in March 2011 in cooperation with Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. and other Group companies willing to provide support. The Foundation is engaged in activities supporting people in regions affected by natural disasters, especially children, who are a light of hope for the future.

In 2017, the ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION celebrates seven years of effort, which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the broadcasting of the Ultraman Seven series. Taking advantage of this, the Foundation is organizing the Hero Caravan, which travels around Japan, visiting approximately 600 child welfare facilities together with Ultraman. These activities provide an opportunity to create dreams and hope for the children. We will continue to engage in these support activities and hope that it will open up a new era for the children to grow stronger.


ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION (©Tsuburaya Productions)

Corporate Governance


FIELDS’ corporate philosophy and mission is to provide “The Greatest Leisure for All People,” with the sustainable increase in corporate value as the basic principle guiding Company management. We think one of the important management issues in realizing this basic policy is ensuring that corporate governance functions effectively.

Initiatives to Strengthen Corporate Governance

We will enhance our corporate governance system by advancing reforms in our management structures and systems within the framework of the Board of Directors, the Board of Statutory Auditors, the Independent Auditor and the Board of Executive Officers. In addition, based on management policy, the FIELDS CORPORATION Group carefully discusses policies and measures, and promotes business that conforms to mutually agreed management plans. Furthermore, the term of office for Directors was changed from 2 years to 1 year, in order to build a management structure that is able to swiftly respond to changes in the business environment, and to clarify the management responsibilities of Directors in the fiscal year.

Since the Tokyo Stock Exchange began to apply its Corporate Governance Code, on June 1, 2015, FIELDS has been conducting extensive investigation into the establishment of an optimal governance structure targeting enhanced corporate value over the medium to long term and sustainable profit growth while ensuring management transparency and fairness.

Corporate Governance System

Figure: Corporate Governance System

Directors, Auditors and Corporate Officers (As of June 30, 2017)

Chairman & CEO Hidetoshi Yamamoto
President & COO Tetsuya Shigematsu
Executive Vice President Kiyoharu Akiyama
Senior Managing Director Division Manager, Pachinko/Pachislot Business Division Ei Yoshida
Managing Director Masakazu Kurihara
Managing Director Akira Fujii
Managing Director Kenichi Ozawa
Director Division Manager, Planning and Administration Division Hiroyuki Yamanaka
Director Teruo Fujishima
Director Division Manager, Cross Media Business Management Division Eiichi Kamagata
Outside Director Shigesato Itoi
Standing Auditor (Outside Auditor) Kenichi Ikezawa
Outside Auditor Yoshika Furuta
Outside Auditor Koichiro Nakamoto
Corporate Officer General Manager, Legal Office Toru Suenaga
Corporate Officer General Manager, Corporate Communications Office Hideaki Hatanaka
Corporate Officer General Manager, Sales Management Department, Pachinko/Pachislot Business Management Division Hideo Wakazono
Corporate Officer EP, IP Marketing Office Yosuke Ozawa
Corporate Officer General Manager, Research and Development Office Tadamasa Oshio
Corporate Officer General Manager, IP Marketing Office Noritada Shimizu
Corporate Officer General Manager, Cross Media Business Department, Cross Media Business Management Division Takao Yamamura

* EP stands for “Executive Producer.”