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Chosen by Daiwa Investor Relations Co., Ltd. for the “2015 Internet IR Excellence Award”

(December 15, 2015 Updated)

Field’s IR site was chosen for the “2015 Internet IR Excellence Award” in Daiwa Investor Relations Co., Ltd.’s “2015 Internet IR Grand Prize (4 firms), Excellence Award (24 firms) and Commendation Award (144 firms). ”

フィールズ株式会社 IRサイト 弊社サイトは大和インベスター・リレーションズ株式会社が発表した「2015年インターネットIR表彰・優秀賞」に選定されました。

The IR sites (English and Japanese) on the homepages of all exchange-listed companies (3,662 companies) were eligible for the 3 awards. Based on the 7 criterions of “5T&C” (Timeliness, Transparency, Traceability, Trustworthiness, Totality and Communication), the primary screening was carried out on basic topics focusing on Internet IR, and “foreign language website”; 1,381 companies were selected for the secondary screening.

Fields will continue to enhance its IR activities and endeavor to create a forum for information delivery and communication that will better support shareholders and investors.


Grand Prize (4 firms)
Excellence Award (24 firms)
Commendation Award (144 firms)
Source: Daiwa Investor Relations Co., Ltd.’s press release