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Message from Hidetoshi Yamamoto, Chairman, President and Group CEO


We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all our stakeholders for your continued support and patronage. We also apologize for any concerns we have caused in relation to our business results. Although there are certainly external factors in this current phase in the form of changes in the business environment, we must gather the strength to convert this difficult situation into an opportunity. The management team and the whole of the Company are united and working diligently to realize our vision.

【Company Vision】
In our current society, in the context of reduced workloads due to technological innovation, increased longevity resulting from advances in medical technology, and diversification in entertainment arising from the evolution of technology, there is an increasing need for ways to spend our leisure time in Japan and in many countries and regions around the world. We wants to contribute to enriching the hearts of people by providing the greatest entertainment for people’s leisure time. Intellectual Property (IP) such as characters and stories is an important element of doing so. Characters and stories that can touch people’s hearts regardless of age or location continue to live in the hearts of many people, in all times and places. Our challenge is to create and deliver this IP to people using a variety of media such as comics, visuals, games, toys and pachinko/pachislot machines. It is our sincere wish that we can spread happiness and excitement throughout the world by creating and delivering entertainment to people, from children to adults, in all countries and regions.

【Thoughts on IP Focus】
Ultraman, created about 50 years ago by our Group company, Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd., continues to live in the hearts of people, beyond generational and geographical boundaries. After the 2011 Great East Japan and 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes struck, in addition to providing relief supplies, the our Group sent Ultraman to visit affected areas and bring smiles to children’s faces. Even in those extremely hard conditions, children cheered for Ultraman with all their might, and spoke boldly about protecting their parents just like their hero would. The aim of our visit was to bring smiles to the children’s faces but, conversely, they gave us a renewed awareness of the power and possibilities of IP, and the mission and responsibilities of our Company. Taking that experience and children’s cheers firmly to heart, we will cultivate our characters and stories going forward to bring them to the hearts of everyone living in various countries and regions of the world.

【Challenges for Realizing Our Corporate Philosophy】
As our company with a history of almost 30 years since its establishment, we learn from the past, anticipate the future, and continue to take on new challenges. While experiencing a number of failures to date, whenever that has happened, we have been nourished by what we have learned from the experience, and have progressed. We will continue to take on challenges to make a further leap forward into the next 30 years of our history. We are grateful to our shareholders and all our other stakeholders for the support shown for our corporate philosophy and the strength given to us through the years, and will continue our efforts to meet your expectations going forward. We would like to ask for your continued support as we pursue our goals.

May 2018

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