Privacy Policy

FIELDS CORPORATION (hereinafter: “FIELDS”) fully understands its role in handling the valuable personal information of customers and will protect such personal information in the following ways while observing laws and regulations as well as guidelines related to the protection of personal information.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information refers to information that can be used to identify an individual customer. This includes their address, name, date of birth, telephone number and e-mail address (including information that can be easily connected to other information, thereby identifying the customer).

Collection of Personal Information

FIELDS collects personal information on customers appropriately and in accordance with the law as necessary in order to provide services.

Use of Personal Information

FIELDS uses customers’ personal information within the range of purposes of use indicated upon the collection of such information and uses it only as necessary to execute business duties.

Management of Personal Information

FIELDS has assigned a manager with the authority to manage personal information and implements strict management to ensure that no leakage, manipulation or loss occurs.
Lawful and rational safety measures are implemented to protect information.

Outsourcing of Handling of Personal Information

FIELDS may outsource some duties to vendors to the extent required to achieve the purpose of use.
In such instances, the necessary terms will be described for the management of personal information, confidentiality, and prevention of personal information leakage in the outsourcing agreement and the vendor will be supervised and offered guidance to ensure appropriate management.

Restrictions on Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

FIELDS will not provide customers’ personal information to any third parties without the customer’s prior consent.
However, this limitation does not apply if provision to a third party is recognized by law and regulations such as according to Article 23 (1) of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Disclosure, Revision, Addition, Deletion and Discontinuation of Usage of Personal Information

If FIELDS receives a request from a customer regarding the disclosure, revision, addition, deletion or discontinuation of use of their personal information by means of the below Inquiry Form, this will be executed as quickly as possible to the extent allowed by laws and regulations.

Improvements to the Handling of Personal Information

FIELDS will also make improvements as necessary to its handling of personal information while observing related laws and regulations. Please be aware that changes may be made without notice to the handling of personal information in line with this.

Handling of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data that web servers send to users’ browsers in order to increase ease of online browsing.
FIELDS may use cookies to customize its website in accordance with users’ needs and to improve the content of its website.
While cookies can be used to determine the user’s computer, specific users cannot be identified.
Users can change their browser settings to disable cookies.
However, this may make it no longer possible to use all or some web services.


Please use the Inquiry Form for requests regarding the disclosure, revision, addition, deletion or discontinuation of the use of personal information, as well as questions about the handling of personal information.


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